Nula: Butterflies Rise is a decision-making game that explores the experience of living with anxiety.

Inspired by puzzle adventure games of the early 90s like Myst, the surreal comedy of Flann O'Brien, and the author's experience of living with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Nula creates an immersive textual experience, an insight into the daily struggle anxiety can be.




Nula is at a party. Asif is there, in all his dishevelled, sulky glory.

They smile at each other and have a shy conversation - inaudible under the loud music.

They start dancing together. They stumble into a bedroom. She pulls his shirt off, he slips his hand into her knickers.

There's a knock at the window. Over Asif's shoulder Nula sees a small fist knocking on the glass. She shoves Asif off and goes to the window. Outside her baby niece Grace is beaming and waving.

Nula yanks down the blind, drops her head and sighs. ‘What's wrong?' says Asif, but as she turns back to respond her niece is sat there naked on the bed where Asif was, laughing.

She wakes up in bed, it was a dream. She looks pensive, takes a deep breath, lifts the duvet and looks down.

Check to see if your knickers are wet?

A) Yes
B) No