Nula: Butterflies Rise is a decision-making game that explores the experience of living with anxiety.

Inspired by puzzle adventure games of the early 90s like Myst, the surreal comedy of Flann O'Brien, and the author's experience of living with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Nula creates an immersive textual experience, an insight into the daily struggle anxiety can be.




100% Simon Brodkin

Jordan Harrison-Twist


For his new tour ‘100% Simon Brodkin’, Brodkin, the creator of the cap-and-trainers geezer Lee Nelson, will be stepping out from the garb of the character comedian and into his own skin. “It felt right that I want to say what I really think”, said Brodkin “I felt ready for it. Like most men, I'm not really comfortable about opening up".

Sometime comedian and sometime prankster, Brodkin threw swastika-emblazoned golf balls onto the fairway in front of Donald Trump. Fortunately, the matter was dealt with by Scottish, not American, police, “They drove me to Glasgow airport, gave me a flight back to London and told Donald Trump they had deported me”. And in 2017, he — somewhat portentously — interrupted the Tory party conference to hand Prime Minister Theresa May a redundancy notice “from Boris”.

“You wouldn't be doing stunts on those people if you felt bad about it”, said Brodkin. “You don't think, 'poor Donald Trump and the leader of Britain'. I think if you do feel sorry for someone for doing it, you've picked the wrong person".

It will be fascinating to see how much is gained when the creator of ‘110% Jason Bent’ — a fly-on-the-wall spoof following the veruca pool-shallow footballer Jason Bent — loses 10% to become wholly himself. Our review of ‘100% Simon Brodkin’, starting at the Lowry, Salford on February 2 and finishing at the Derngate, Northampton on April 25, coming soon…

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